ACE Teaching Standards Workshop

From ‘pretty-dodgy’ to ‘better-gogy’ - improving the teaching quality in the ACE Sector

Making sure that you are the best educator for our community doesn’t need to be tough - but you don’t want to be that dodgy educator either. The workshop is an opportunity for you to take a look at what your strengths are and find out what other areas you would like to improve on that will make sure you keep far away from being ‘pretty dodgy’ to growing ‘better gogy’. Come along to find out more, learn about good adult learning principles, and get some take away ideas to improve teaching practice. We’re here for a good time not a long time – let’s make it count!

NOTE: The words ‘pretty-dodgy’ and ‘better-gogy’ refers to the education terms pedagogy and andragogy (the method and practice of teaching). Note that both terms are used in adult education, although pedagogy has Greek origins ‘peda’ referring to the role of leading children. The term andragogy means the method and practice of teaching adults. And finally, heutogogy, the study of self-determined learning. But that’s a whole other workshop and we’re not here to freak you out – just a ‘for your information’ notice.

Who is it for?

Any educators, tutors, kaiako, volunteers, staff involved in teaching and learning in adult and community education.

How can I register?

Contact Tai Samaeli